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Pinocchio Sapphire

Артикул: 592
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Данная колода акцентирована на позитивных персонажах сказки Пиноккио написанная Карлом Коллоди (псевдоним  Карла Лоренцини).


K - Geppetto is the poor carpenter, father of Pinocchio.

Q - the Fairy with Blue Hair represents the magical spirit who follows Pinocchio in his journey of redemption.

J - Mastro Cherry is the first carpenter who discovers the talking log. He is named after his red cherry-like nose.


K - the Judge is a gorilla who sentences Pinocchio to jail for the "heinous" crime of being robbed. Weird, isn't it!? 

Q - the Weeping Fairy is sad now, due to the misbehaviour of her beloved Pinocchio.

J - the two Carabinieri, who arrest Pinocchio, are recurring characters in the novel.


K - the Fox & the Cat are greedy animals who pretend to be lame and blind.

Q - the Little Catty Fairy allows Pinocchio to be robbed of his coins to teach him a lesson.

J - the Innkeeper of the Red Shrimp Inn helps the Cat and the Fox to trick Pinocchio into an ambush.


K - the Talking Cricket represents Pinocchio's conscience and tries to give good advices to him but Pinocchio kills him with a hammer.

Q - the Blue-haired Girl brings a healthy but bitter medicine to help Pinocchio but he refuses to drink it.

J - the Crow and the Owl are two doctors called by the Fairy to find out if Pinocchio is dead or alive.

В колоде 56 карт.

Типография USPCC.

Применение металлизированных чернил.

Коробка с применением фольгирования.

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