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Pinocchio Vermilion

Артикул: 593
1380 руб.
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Данная колода акцентирована на агрессивных персонажах сказки Пиноккио написанная Карлом Коллоди (псевдоним  Карла Лоренцини).


K - Fire-Eater is the red-eyed and black-bearded director of the Great Marionette Theatre.

Q - the Burlesque Fairy attends the show, quietly, to follow her beloved Pinocchio.

J - Pulcinella & Harlequin are puppets of the Great Marionette Theatre, friends of Pinocchio.


K - the Ringmaster buys Pinocchio, turned into a donkey, to use him as the star of the Circus.

Q - the Lady with the Medallion is recognized by the donkey-Pinocchio in the crowd at the show as his dear Fairy.

J - Candlewick is Pinocchio's best friend, a rascal like him.


K - the Assassins are the Fox and the Cat in disguise, they try to rob Pinocchio of his gold coins.

Q - the Dead Girl is the fairy that can't help Pinocchio to escape the Assassins, because.... well, she's dead.

J - the Grave-diggers are ink-black rabbits carrying a coffin for Pinocchio.


K - the Farmer catches Pinocchio in the act of stealing his grapes.

Q - the Good Woman quenches the thirst of Pinocchio after he arrives on the Island of the Busy Bees.

J - the Beech Martens are the thieves caught by Pinocchio, who is granted freedom for his good deeds.

В колоде 56 карт.

Типография USPCC.

Применение металлизированных чернил.

Коробка с применением фольгирования.

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