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Vengeance of Witches Caccabus Edition

Артикул: 720
1650 руб.
В корзину

Колода посвящена охоте на ведьм в 17 веке

★ A dark, occult theme based on the 17th-century witch-hunt
★ Limited edition (2,500 of each edition)
★ Deluxe copper/red/black foil on tuck exteriors + interiors.
★ Embossed tuck boxes with unique seals
★ Special texture tuck stocks
★ 100% unique pips & courts illustrated in hand
★ Custom, numbered seals placed on tuck bottoms 
★ Metallic ink with gold pigment 
★ 57 poker sized cards (52 cards + 3 extra + diptych artwork)
★ Printed by NPCC with premium linen finish

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